Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flooding in the Hudson Valley

 Last week we were hit by a few powerful rain storms, which also had the effect of melting most of the remaining snow. There has been a fair amount of flooding in the region as a result of these recent rain events and warm weather. 
After work, Friday I made sure to take advantage of the warm weather and went for a walk with my camera to check out the flooding in part the 'lowlands' of the Cary Institute, the area west of Fowler Road, which Wappinger Creek flows through. 
Wappinger Creek from Fowler Road
Southern end of the flooded area west of Fowler Rd.

The lowlands as seen from Fowler Rd, flooded. It looks like a small lake or reservoir.
The lowlands at the Cary Institute, off of Fowler Rd, under a foot or more of fast-moving water.

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