Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dog sitting

A few weeks ago I went back home to Springfield NH to take care of the dogs while my parents were away for the weekend.

Abby is the old lady, but she still has the spirit of a puppy! She has spent countless hours running around the woods with me and my twin brother, on all sorts of crazy adventures. Despite her aching bones she still loves to be outside playing in the snow, looking for rocks she can carry around. She was a real pain to bring camping because if you moved at all while trying to fall asleep she would jump up and expect you to play with her, which usually meant dropping or rolling a rock onto you.

Jake is no longer a puppy (6 or 7 I forget) but he is obsessed with playing catch or fetch with tennis balls, snow balls, sticks, leaves, really whatever you can throw and he can pick up or catch. He is also the fastest little dog I have ever seen. He is also completely obsessed with catching snowballs.

Molly has always behaved as if she was an old tired dog, even when she was a puppy she preferred to lay outside on the porch rather than run around in the muddy driveway with Jake and Abby. However, Jake does get her up and running around sometimes. She also likes to chase my cat, Zena, around the house, which is good for both of them. Growing up me and my twin brother would take the dogs out for long walks through the woods, and she was notorious for just getting bored or tired and randomly turning around and walking home, which is both surprising and impressive since it often meant a mile or two, or more, of random bushwhacking all the way home.

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  1. That picture of Abby is one of the best ever man. Thanks a lot! :)