Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purgatory Falls

I was in NH for the weekend, and I visited Purgatory Falls in Mont Vernon [correction: this section is actually located in the adjacent town of Lyndeborough-thanks George!]. A short walk down a trail leads to the gorge that Purgatory brook cuts through, descending down a beautiful little waterfall surrounded by hemlocks and birch. There are great little conservation areas such as this one, scattered all around the state, waiting to be explored!


  1. This section of the Purgatory(the upper falls) is actually located in the town of Lyndeborough, neighboring Mont Vernon. Excellent photo, really captures the beauty of the place.

  2. I lived near here as a child, on the Lyndeborough side. The road was still passable then (1980's). We often walked down to the falls to go swimming and climb the falls. It's grown in a lot since then, and the "swimming hole" has a lot more sand in it. It saddened me a great deal to see it had been vandalized a few years ago, but your photo shows it's recovering well. Thank you for posting and bringing back great memories. Your picture is beautiful.