Thursday, July 22, 2010

First time in NYC

My first thought getting off the train in Grand Central Station, after admiring the iconic architecture, was, "Is it always this crazy?," and of course, since it was a Saturday morning, the answer is most definitely, "No! It's usually far worse!"

A week ago, Jacqui and I took the express train down from Poughkeepsie into the city. The ride down was pleasant, giving us a nice view of the Hudson River Valley. We saw the United States Military Academy, a bald eagle, a nuclear power plant (you were right Jacqui!), a couple of great blue herons, and a whole lot of garbage along the tracks and roads as we got into the city.

Walking out of the station we made our way over to Lexington Ave, where there was a large market full of vendors, which stretched for blocks. Each consecutive block sold almost the exact same items just with different faces behind the booths.

It was an extremely humid 94° F day, we visited a small portion of Central Park, where I was very dismayed to see a huge golden statue of General Sherman, portraying him as some sort of godly figure. Despite the controversy that surrounds him, he somehow also has the world's largest tree named after him..

Anyway while we were sitting on a bench at the edge of central park we noticed a model walking along a crosswalk back and forth, with a group of photographers snapping away as she strolled across at each red light. It was funny.Her outfit looked totally ridiculous, plus she could barely walk, each time she turned around she nearly fell over with her long narrow heels that looked like small stilts.
Check out the huge L-series canon lens. Several thousand dollars right there.

We couldn't tell if this from an actual wedding or just more models, but it was in the middle of grand central, with a half dozen photographers.
We also visited the UN building. Below is the flag from the UN building that was bombed in Baghdad, the Canal Hotel, killing 22 people including the UN representative.

On our way back from the noisy, bustling city. It was a hot and busy day. We still have so much more to see, I look forward to visiting again, most likely in the fall, and after I have recovered from the madness of the city.

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