Monday, June 30, 2014

Forest Glen Preserve with Kermit

A few weeks ago I went for a day hike at the Forest Glen Preserve, in east-central Illinois. It is one of the nicest natural areas in that region, with beech-maple and oak-hickory forests. Beech occurs here, on the western edge of its range. It was great getting to see beech trees again, it reminds me of the northeast. Beech-bark-disease (BBD) does not occur out there yet, so there are some very beautiful, large and healthy trees. 

One of my favorite sights in northeastern forests-- sunlight streaming through beech leaves

Kermit liked laying in the creek. 

Kermit was afraid of walking all the way to the top of the Fire Tower, so some Boy Scouts at the bottom watched him for me while I quickly checked out the view. 

This photo is very grainy, because I took it with my cell phone. This was taken from the top of the fire tower in Forest Glen. 


  1. Wow those pictures really remind me of Abby! Especially that first one!!

    Miss you buddy. Excited to see you this fall.

  2. The way he lays in water and drinks reminds me of Abby.

    Miss you too!! Send more amazing Ranier pics!